Heavy Marine Layer Morning with Dozens of Surfers and Late Afternoon of Clouds and Blue Skies

0 North Bound 0 South Bound 2 REW

Cloudy, overcast 58 degrees, daylight savings began at 2am, calm glassy seas with low visibility due to heavy low level marine layer obscuring buildings and the rock climbing wall, on and off all morning until mid-afternoon when skies cleared exposing beautiful cloud formations along horizon. Over 40+ surfers enjoyed the 4-6 foot waves today with plenty of action spread out across the coast. Late afternoon the sun burned off sections overhead exposing clear blue skies until another band of dark storm clouds filled in across the sky to the horizon. At times visibility was reduced to less than 150 yards. No gray whales were observed until just before sunset with two separate sightings seen by a *reliable eye witness (REW) migrating quickly through. No signs of lobster buoys dragging behind either whale thanks to Ocean Lifeguard Carter Baldwin’s assessment from a higher vantage point. **** We are still on alert for re-sightings of an entangled gray whale seen off Point Loma 155 miles south of Point Dume on Thursday.

Late afternoon the marine layer lifted and interesting cloud formations came together and moved out to the horizon as other clouds passed overhead with blue skies on and off.

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