Sketch Hikes

April 21st , 2017  (9:30am -12:30 pm)

Whale Watch Art Sketch  Hike 

Registration details : Fridays with Friends: Whale Watch Hike- 5667

COST: $40 city residents of Ventura

$44 non resident of Ventura

****Must be ok to walk up  steep sandy graded hillside and walk in deep uneven sandy, rocky trails.

BRING: only what you are comfortable to carry for a long hike:  including basic water bottle, hat with visor, sunglasses, Chapstick,  hair tie, Art Sketch Kit from past classes, camera, allergy medicine or eye drops, everything should be worn or fit in a small pocket

WEAR: sunscreen, bug spray, sneakers that lace or sturdy hiking boots with lug type soles for traction, we will be hiking on uneven gravel,  soft deep sand  as well as uneven rocks-                                           NO flip flops or flat soled  sandals or shoes =)

DRESS: in layers (comfortable for fitness at the ocean)….. it can  feel chilly on a foggy cloudy morning then quickly become warm in full sun when the marine layer lifts


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