How to Report a Sick or Injured Marine Mammal

To Report a sick or injured Marine Mammal or Injured Shore Bird please call the California Wildlife Center: Marine Mammal Rescue Hotline….

Please take photo of the animal and injury without disturbing the animal.

DO NOT TOUCH THE ANIMAL Be Prepared to STAY until you speak to the center and KEEP OTHERS AWAY at least 100 ft if possible to protect the wildlife and yourself. You can also speak to the lifegaurd on duty to provide help if possible. The Wildlife Center may ask you to text the photo to them to assess the situation.

Call (310)-458-WILD

The Gray Whale South bound migration will begin again in December 2022. The official ACS-LA ( American Cetacean Society -Los Angles) Count starts December 1st. South bounders are not typically seen close to shore in large numbers from Point Dume or along coast as the whales are in a hurry to get down to the Baja California Lagoons in Mexico. Recent years they have been later than December and have been taking further off shore routes. But as the northern migration begins again in February 2023 we do see some late South Bound whales. In past years with the population count much higher it has been a very fun time to watch from shore with whales going in both directions, some stopping at the point or coming in close to shore. Be sure to sign up so you can follow along next season. Daily updates will be posted on the blog as time allows throughout the season.

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