Happy Earth Day 2017

4-22-17 A beautiful rainbow heart shaped whale blow also known as a “RAINBLOW” was seen as the early morning sun was burning off the heavy low lying marine layer and lit up the whales expiration breath not once but three times as the gray whale continued on its northern migration.

Wildflowers and Gray Whales 

4-4-17 The Super bloom for wildflowers continues as does the northern migration of adult gray whales with one cow/calf pair, several yearling or small juveniles that traveled through slowly within 100 yards off shore. There were audible blows, spyhops , back floating, fluke splashing and pectoral fin twirling on most sightings.

Blueberry Smoothie,Wildflowers and Gray Whales

Wildflowers remain in abundance with new varieties coming in to bloom as other ones fade.  Sunlife Organics is a local fresh juice and smoothie shop on the way in to Pt. Dume. My current favorite is the Vanilla protein smoothie with blueberries. This shake gives me enough energy and stamina to spot and count the sometimes elusive gray whales that migrate along the coast of Pt Dume. Today was a good day with calm waters and blue skies.  I counted 22  whales and one cow/ calf pair in  7.5 hrs . All of the whales today were in close and stayed for 20 minutes or more at various stops along the viewing area. One pair of whales were small (yearlings), they rolled and swam over each other playfully for 30 min or more before moving on. Another sighting was a very active trio which stayed 175 yrs off shore  for over an hour.  One smaller juvenile whale stayed for over two hours changing directions heading north then south, resting several times completely layed flat out on top of the water floating quietly and gliding through the area slowly using its flippers to propel itself rather than the fluke.  Several groups of bottlenose dolphins came through northbound and southbound at different times today.  The water so clear you could  see them moving through under the water. At times they swam with the whales and interacted then moved on quickly.