Two Pairs of Active Mother and Calf Gray Whales

5 Northbound 2 Calfs 3 Sightings 6.25 Hrs

Hazy at horizon, no islands visible north or south, sunny, 63 degrees with flat,calm ocean changing to brisk cold breeze late in the afternoon/early evening.  Three hours until the first sighting, an active  mother and calf pair. The calf took a short cut through the kelp bed fluking as it caught up to the mother which was partially glowing under the water, covered in barnacles and scars. The second sighting was a single whale followed by the 3rd sighting another mother and calf pair which stopped three times along the transect area for 12 min or more each time to roll, back float, bubble blast, spyhop and head lift with feeding behaviors as well.  In other news OTTERS were spotted in Ventura Ca ! I will be on the look out for any sightings as well.



During a 12 minute stop along the migration route this gray whale calf had several direction changes south then north, east then west before settling on north and traveled close with its mother to the next stop to do it all over again for another 12-15 min before traveling through the transect area. 2018-04-20-gray-whale-pt-dume-7343

Mother gray whale back floats while nearby  calf rolls in the opposite direction with pectoral fin up.


Gray Whale Shut Out Until 6pm!

0 Northbound 0 Southbound 0 Calf 2 EW 3 hours 

Clear skies, sunny at 60 degrees, hazy horizon, no visible islands north or south, steady brisk cold breeze with choppy water and white caps. Not one sighting in 3 hours or  known observations from several reliable eyewitness’s on the look out through out the day  until finally  a pair of whales were spotted  passing the transect at 6pm !


The Mourning Dove (Zenaidura macroura)  the most common species of dove found in North America.  Diet: Seeds and grain.

Call: Mourning doves give a mournful oowoo-woo-woo-woo. 

Beyond their sorrowful song is a message of life, hope, renewal and peace.

Gray Whales Hurray!

6 Northbound     2 Calfs      2 EW       6 hours   2 Fin whales 

62 degrees, light breeze, clear skies and calm clear water. Hazy smog layer blocking sight of all islands leaving limited visibility both north and south after a ~ 3 mile clearway.

The first of 2 gray whale sighting included a pair of adults traveling through steadily across the transect.

2018-04-18-two-gray-whales-pt-dume-6955The second sighting was 2 pairs of cow/calfs which also  traveled through with speed and precision  stopping at 2 spots along the transect for  5 min and then moving on.


2 fins whales were spotted less than a mile offshore milling before  heading south.( this photo was taken 2 weeks ago near Anacapa Island)


The water near shore was crystal clear at the surf break and the dolphins were traveling both north and south surfing in the waves and playful twirling underwater coming up at one time in a back float position.