Happy Valentines Day with Gray Whale Heart Shaped Blows

February 14th,2022

8 North 0 South 2.5 Hours

Heart shaped gray whale blow spouts seen in abundance today for Valentines Day 2022. A trio of whales stopped close to shore 150 yards out, displaying several behaviors including: head lifts, sharking with tip of fluke gracing the waters surface, rolling, bubble blasts and footprints, one set of double hearts blow seen while traveling north. Several gray whales traveled through FAST, crossing the transect with a familiar sequence of ” blow-back-fluke” every 5-6 minutes going for a deep dive known as sounding, then coming up to exhale, blowing 2-3 times before the sequence starts again as they travel out to deeper waters towards the Channel Islands, migrating north to Alaska. The day ended with an increased brisk wind at 12-15 mph and delighted Valentine’s Day sweet hearts with a golden pink cotton candy wispy striped cirrocumulus clouds at sunset.

Heart shaped Gray Whale blow followed by the dorsal back surfacing, which is in front of the blow in this photo.
Gray Whale Fluke with tiny heart shaped ID patch several hundred yards out on the way north.
One THIN gray whale with visible dip behind the neck in the cervical neck area, heading north at sunset with pelicans leading the way, bearing slightly left towards deeper water after stopping at the point for a few minutes tonight. Beautiful heart shaped blow for Valentine’s Day 2022.

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