Rain, Surf and Fog: Two Gray Whales

2 North Bound 0 South Bound 3.75 hrs

Rain and heavy marine layer (fog), limited visibility making spotting whales difficult: still two gray whales were seen migrating past the surfers further off shore when the fog lifted on and off throughout the day. The surf was up and over 20 surfers were out, getting in good rides. Visibility waxed and waned but the waves were strong and steady for hours.

No sightings of the entangled gray whale spotted in Point Loma on Thursday at 2 pm. It was seen in 70 ft of water with lobster buoys yellow and blue trailing 24-30ft behind. If you see this whale please CALL : NOAA Entanglement Reporting Hotline: 1-877-SOS-WHAL or 1-877-767-9425

Massive storm erosion from local runoff brings trash and debris onto the beach. Gray whales are bottom feeders, sucking up the mud from the ocean floor and filter out the water leaving behind the edible small worms, amphipods or crustacean larvae. The volume of debris washed out to sea during rain storms pollute the water and over the years the plastic breaks down into micro plastics that the gray whales ultimately ingest with any prey they find along the migration route. We can do better!!! Please avoid bringing plastic to the beach and avoid single use items in general to help keep the earth clean and lessen the impacts of global warming. Reduce, reuse and recycle all plastic and avoid plastic usage if possible! Foam containers from take out food washed up in mass along other areas of the coast. I need to do better too and seeing the volume of debris this year feels overwhelmingly heartbreaking!

On the other side of Point Dume the sky was clearer and as the sun set and the air temperature changed the marine layer of fog made its way up into the canyons above Point Dume.

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