78 degrees and 7-8 Whales

(1) North Bound (3) South Bound (3-4) Humpbacks 3 hours

Thanks to the Santa Ana Winds we had a warm summery 78 degree day in Malibu ! Calm and flat ocean with lake like 1-2 ft shore break waves. Hazy horizon with stratus cloud layer where 3-4 humpback whales were actively feeding. The whale blows could easily be seen despite the hazy distortion. Later it cleared up and the Santa Barbara Island was visible in time to highlight a trio of Gray Whales heading south bound. The only north bound whale came a few minutes before sunset and looked like it was going to stop at the point but changed directions quickly and left stealth mode when 2 scuba divers popped up in the cove and made their way to the shore.

Flat calm ocean with 1-2 ft shore break waves with wind spray from offshore Santa Ana winds.
Santa Barbara Island seen at sunset from Point Dume State Beach, Malibu California.

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