No Whales at Sunset

0 North 0 South 0 EW

Another warm day of Santa Ana winds, with a choppy ocean, and white caps near horizon. Lots of people on the beach walking and enjoying the warm 80 degree summery mid winter day, tourists seen swimming in brisk chilly 56-57 degree water. Local surfers in full wet suits try to catch a wave with high tide coming in an hour after sunset. The golden hour before sunset and the blue hour just after are often the best times to see a migrating whale from shore, due to the way the low sun rays refracts through the water droplets in the whales expiration known as a whale blow. If the conditions are just right the blows glow pink or golden orange. Tonight was not one of those nights. No whales and no blows to be seen. Good news is there’s a new chance to look again tomorrow.

Golden hour sunlight with clear view from Point Dume to Catalina Islands, lighting up the front face of the Point where the rocks broke away decades ago, spilling into the ocean below.
Golden hour Sun lighting up the low stratus layer and low cumulous clouds while also highlighting the white caps near the horizon and the chop of the waves between sets.

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