Bay Watch Rescue and Gray Whales

Saturday Feb.12,2022

6 North 1 South Bound 5 hours

Busy day with crowded beach, full parking lot and increased activity on all levels. The whales had calm seas but human obstacles on all levels. Starting midday with 2 speeding jet skis across the Santa Monica Bay into Point Dume where the whales tend to slow down and come in closer to rest in the warmer shallow water. Overhead, loud low plane flyovers marketing houses, beverages and politics. Boats raced full speed and sail boats drifted through the transect on their way north and south passing very close to shore at times with large cargo ships seen at horizon. A paddle boarder was rescued by Bay Watch and one swimmer brought his Loch Ness pool float into Pirates Cove. Still the whales showed up! They didn’t stay long but we saw them and counted them!

Baywatch Malibu Rescue Boat with Ocean Lifeguard Specialist Deckhand giving instructions to rescued paddle boarder.
Baywatch Malibu Rescue Boat with Ocean Lifeguard Specialist Deckhand helping a rescued paddle boarder back on the board to safely get to shore.
Underweight gray whale passing quickly, close to shore in flat calm seas, with yellow hazy smog at horizon.
Gray whale heading out to deeper water , migrating north to Alaska, with the Channel Islands to the right and a cargo ship to the left in this photo at the horizon.

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