Warm Santa Ana Winds and 4 Whales Today

2 North Bound 2 South Bound 4 hours

Four Whales observed on this warm sunny 74 degrees winter day with Santa Ana Winds, a Southern California offshore wind that brings dry hot air to the coast. Two whales were north bound and two whales were south bound but all migrating solo. One south bound whale was low profile with prominent deep knuckle ridges along its spine, traveling close to shore but too fast for any identification photos. Below is pictured a north bound whale that had several distinctive white ringed identification patches. The sun set tonight with no green flash but a lovely cloud formation over Channel Islands that lit up in pinks, oranges and hints of red afterwards.

Several white ringed identification patches seen on this gray whale as it migrates north to Alaska.
Tracking whale heading north towards the Channel Islands in this photo.
View of the Channel Islands seen from Point Dume State Beach just after sunset.

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