One Gray Whale and Goodyear Blimp Flyover

February 7th 2020

1 North Bound 0 South Bound 1 Sightings 5.75 hrs

One north bound gray whale sighting on a beautiful, clear and calm unseasonably warm, 78 degree spring like winter day. Small pod of 5-7 active Dolphins including an interactive mom and calf traveling with 2-3 escort dolphins at all times. Behaviors included, tail lobbing, foraging, with bursts of stampeding back and forth in all directions. Lots of visible blows and splashing. The Goodyear blimp made a short flyover along the coast before heading back over land.

Goodyear blimp flying over the Lifeguard Headquarters at Point Dume State Beach
Goodyear Blimp passing overhead today.
Blow of fast moving stealthy gray whale passing Point Dume State Beach, with Santa Catalina Island in background.

Dolphin with visible blow (not always seen) heading south (east) in flat calm ocean.

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