Hurray! Eight+ whales today!

7 North Bound 1 South Bound 2 (?) 4.75 hours

It was a crowded beach with lots of swimmers and sun bathers watching as eight plus whales migrated past on this warm 68 degree winter day. The calm water had with a lake like shore break, sparkling all the way to the horizon. A pair of kayakers stayed in Pirates Cove doing what seemed like laps around the cove and a fishing boat stopped with two fisherman to fish before the Baywatch Malibu boat came with lights on to direct them on their way. It was so calm and clear that a single large blow and long dark back seen at the north (west)end of Catalina Island. Too far away (even with binoculars) to differentiate which species of whale but so great to see at all. Two sightings had dolphin escorts- one was north bound and the other was south bound later in the day. The south bound whale came just before sunset which created a golden pink hue glow to the blow, delighting those who caught the split second sight. Sunset had a split second sliver of a green flash as it set below the horizon.

Fishermen in Pirates Cove were quickly directed to be on their way, thanks to the dedicated BayWatch Malibu boat crew who arrived to alert them it was a NO FISHING zone and they promptly left.

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