No Whales: Calm Seas and Green Flash Sunset

0 North Bound 0 South Bound ( EW 2) 3 hours

Earlier in the day an eyewitness saw 2 gray whales in 2 separate sightings. One traveled straight through and one stopped at the point for a minute or two and traveled through quickly. No gray whales observed despite perfect viewing conditions late this afternoon.

A Green flash at sunset is an optical phenomenon caused by the bending rays of color like a prism, as the sun dips below the horizon. The last tip of the sun elicits the rare green flash thats visible for only a split second or two at most. The right timing and conditions are needed for it to be seen and even harder is to capture on camera. Tonight it all came together with the dolphins leaping at just the right moment and the seagulls add an extra dimension making for one spectacular sunset.

Green flash at sunset just as a dolphin was leaping out of the water!

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