No Whales,Sea Pickles and One Harbor Seal Rescue

0 North Bound 0 South Bound 4 hrs

Yesterday’s strong winds and currents brought in todays pink clear jelly fish looking creatures known as “sea pickles”. Clear gelatinous creatures are pyrosomes or colonial truncates made up of hundreds of tiny individual zooids that stick together creating a colony and float in the open ocean filtering plankton.

Before sunset a harbor seal stranded and was resting in the tide line not moving, California Wildlife Center was called by locals who stayed with the seal until help arrived. Anyone who reports an injured or sick marine mammal or bird is asked to stay and set up a boundary to protect the animal by keeping onlookers a safe distance away. Ocean Lifeguard Specialist, Anthony “Tony” Johnston is very familiar with the rescues and was on hand to assist tonight with the California Wildlife Centers Trained Team of Volunteers and it was a success.

Stranded, resting harbor seal in tide line with Ocean Lifeguard Specialist Anthony “Tony” Johnston keeping watch while the California Wildlife Center arrived on scene.

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