NOAA Investigating 70 Gray Whale Deaths Declaring Unusual Mortality Event

Friday May 31, 2019 in a press conference NOAA declared an unusual Mortality event with over 70 gray whale strandings (washing up dead) along the West Coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska. In an article published in USA TODAY additional resources will be given to investigate the cause. According to several news reports it seems most whales appear malnourished but others suffered injuries from ship strikes. Scientists are looking at whale necropsy reports as well as studying effects of how climate change has effected the availability of food sources for the whales.

According to NOAA Gray Whale Strandings (as of May 31, 2019)

USA Alaska 5 Washington 25 Oregon 3 California 37 TOTAL 70

Canada 5 USA 70 Mexico 73 TOTAL 148

NOAA established an Unusual Mortality Event Contingency Fund for those who would like to donate a contribution.

Dead Juvenile Gray Whale washed up at County Line in Ventura April 23, 2019

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