Day 1: 2022 Gray Whale Migration

February 1st 2022

0 North Bound 0 South Bound 0 Sightings 3.25 Hours

No Gray Whales observed on this first day of my tenth season to count, document and study the Northern Gray Whale Migration along the coast of Malibu at Point Dume State Beach, State Marine Reserve. Minus tide day 1.6 ft below the average low tide. 5-6 Dolphins traveled south just outside the surf with occasional surf riding. The sun set with a pink cotton candy and orange sherbet sky, through a hazy layer of cumulous clouds at the horizon.

View of Point Dume State Beach during a minus low tide (-1.6 ft )
Little Point during minus low tide (-1.6 ft)
One sea lion on top of Sea Lion Rock (pinnacles), south side of Pirates Cove.
Point Dume State Beach Sunset 2-1-2022
Pink cotton candy clouds with orange sherbet sky during tonights sunset 02-01-22.

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