28 mph Winds with 38 mph Gusts: One Gray Whale

1 North Bound 0 South Bound 8.5 hrs

One Gray Whale spotted despite rough pounding 3-5 ft surf with white caps to the horizon in all directions. The wind was sustained at 28mph with gusts clocking in over 38 mph via wind app that tracks wind in real time. The whale was seen in between the rough waves poking its head above water and few minutes later seen rolling with flippers up but lost track and not determined which direction the whale was going. The wind was blowing sand and accumulations of over a foot in some areas leaving part of the roadway impassable. Other areas were marked as safety hazards with red traffic cones. The top layer of sand was eroded exposing small stones that dotted the entire beach. One lone metal detector braved the intense weather looking for newly exposed treasures.

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