Valentine’s Day 2023 No Gray Whales

1 North Bound 0 South Bound 8.5 hrs

Dark stormy overhead clouds with bright sunshine over land started the day with calm seas. Mild 1-3 mph winds that changed mid day as the winds picked up after noon to 18 +mph and gusts over 25 mph blowing sand into the air and accumulations in the lower lying areas including the parking lot.

A reliable eyewitness called to say there were 2-3 whales 4 miles out further south but with the increased winds as the day went on they were not re-sighted passing Point Dume.

There was one Valentine’s Day Proposal via plane but no one was seen on the beach getting down on one knee in the strong winds. The plane went in circles for a good 15 minutes displaying the proposal before heading south over land. …I hope “John John” said YES after such a romantic and elaborate gesture.

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