Four North Bound Gray Whales at Point Dume

1 North Bound 0 South Bound 8.5 hrs

Four gray whales observed migrating past Point Dume Today.

Sunny 62 degrees with steady 5 mph wind started the day. After noon the wind picked up to a steady 10 mph with gusts 20+mph, strong enough to blow beach chairs up and over. Despite the rough choppy surf and white caps, a trio of local scuba divers went out to the pinnacles after the second north bound whale sighting which included one healthy and one underweight whale evidenced by the dip in the neck area where a robust fat pad should be. A third sighting went by quickly in the surf line and was seen 26 minutes later (by a reliable eyewitness) passing Zuma 500+ yards off shore. A busy day with overhead loud helicopter flyovers in all directions today.

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