Two Gray Whales South Bound

0 North Bound 2 South Bound 3.5 hrs

Whispy Cirrus clouds at horizon, blue sky and sunshine overhead. Flat glassy ocean and 1-3 mph winds provided great viewing conditions. Two gray whales observed for an hour migrating south about two miles off shore. One of the pair fluked with every dive. A large stampede of common dolphins stormed north followed by a feeding frenzy of shore birds 1.5 -2 miles out zig zagging across transect, chasing the bait. Surf was up with 3- 4 ft waves and 20 + surfers out catching waves at Little Point to mid Westward area.
The road into Point Dume State Beach is still closed to traffic but pedestrians ok to walk in, if you could find parking along Westward which was jammed with traffic more typical of a holiday or summer weekend. It’s a good mile and a half walk to the trail up to Point Dume Nature Preserve from the gate but worth every step to see the gray whales and the giant coreopsis which is starting to bloom.

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