11 North Bound Gray Whales

Spyhopping Gray Whale to the right in this photo with Santa Catalina Island in the background.

11 North bound 0 South bound

The full moon brought a spring high tide and a spyhopping gray whale in close to shore. A dolphin displayed tail lobbing behavior. Eight whale sightings included: 11 whales, 1 harbor seal, 1 sandpiper, half a dozen harbor dolphins, a handful of sea gulls, a trio of pelicans and cormorants. One pair of whales traveled through with frequent alternating blows. One whale displayed feeding behavior in the surf as is made its way through the transect. Another whale seemed to be having a spa day, resting in the murky tide with flippers up, alternating with belly rubbing along the bottom with simultaneous head lifts and fluke lifts.

Two gray whales on the northern migration.
Gray whale head to tail lift with partial fluke above water.
Sandpiper hunting as the tide goes out.
Gray whale flippers up, back floating.
Dolphin lob tailing

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