Rain, Drizzle and Gray Whales

Low tide terrace exposing the steep slope (scarp) from recent storms. Cloudy skies and low marine fog layer.

14 North 0 south 8 Sightings 7.5 hrs

Cloudy with limited visibility, rain and drizzle at times, but that did not stop the whales from migrating. One thin whale with sunken cervical neck area traveled through with a buddy. Sighting #5, a pair, one BREACHED just once in a back flop style but not captured on camera. Bottlenose Dolphins were abundant today heading both north and south. One whales fluke was edged in orange lice. Sighting #7 included four whales observed feeding in the surf, spy hopping, sharking, rolling and head lifting in alternating patterns. Th last sighting slowly traveling through after a very cloudy sunset.

February Total: 100 North Bound Gray Whales

Thin gray whale with sunken cervical neck areas, the right eye just above water and another gray whale fluke tip poking out to the right.
Four whales in this photo displaying feeding behavior, 2 sets of footprints, bubble blast, fluke tip, pectoral fin.
Fluke in foreground with a bubble blast forming in the background.

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