Blue Skies Gray Whales

Looking south across the Santa Monica Bay at snowcapped Mt Baldy in the distance with giant coreopsis in near full bloom.

5 North Bound Gray Whales 0 South Bound

The skies were bright blue with large white cumulus clouds moving south. The cold N NW wind was strong and gusty at 25 +mph, nearing 7 on the Beaufort Wind Scale. Despite the rough choppy ocean, 5 gray whales were spotted in 5 sightings over three and half hours. The whales were all within 200 yds of shore and traveling at a steady pace. A few bubble blasts but not much milling today. The water was murky after the recent rain and with foam along the tide line. The gusty wind and blowing sand made it hard to track the northbound whales past the transect.

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