Clear Views and Giant Coreopsis Bloom

0 North Bound 2 South Bound 3.25 hrs 2 (?) whales

Clear skies, sunny 60 degrees, no wind, calm flat ocean with views across the Santa Monica Bay. So clear words can be read on the cargo ships and the topography can be seen at the Channel Islands. The road remains closed to drive into Point Dume State Beach as construction and repairs from the last storm and high tides can be fully repaired. Road is open to pedestrians.

The Giant Coreopsis is near full bloom. 80% of the plants have blooms and over 50% of those have multiple buds.

Two south bound gray whales came close to shore and passed through in stealth mode, barely skimming the surface to blow and continue on leaving two long fluke print trails side by side. Two unidentified whales seen 10+ miles away towards Catalina Island. Tall blows and body catching the light. No identification could be made at that distance. Sea Lions out rafting in two large groups of 10+ in each and a third, more active group was headed in to shore.

LA County Lifeguard Dive Team had a training session today.

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