8 Gray Whales Point Dume

8 North Bound 0 South Bound 6.75 hrs

A windy late winter day with rough choppy seas making it hard to spot and find whales, Gusts up to 20mph. Can you spot the gray whale blows in the photos below?

Half of the whales seen today were underweight. The one below has sunken areas on the rostrum giving the blow holes an exaggerated protruding bulbous look, when the whale changes directions we see the left side with more marked fat loss in the neck area behind the blow holes.

As the afternoon went on the winds picked up with gusts well over 25+mph blowing sand, chairs and even car doors making it difficult at times to walk into or against the wind. One helicopter had a low fly over the point. The last sighting was a trio of whales came in close to shore and their blows could be seen several times as they migrated north.

A large squadrons of Brown Pelicans soared high over head not in the typical “V” formation which is

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