Drizzle, Wind and 26 Gray Whales March Fourth

26 North Bound 0 South Bound 6.5 hrs

Sunny skies overhead with banks of clouds at horizon in all direction. Fast moving storm clouds brought drizzly rain drops. Fast moving whales in 17 sightings today!

Most traveled right through not stopping but a couple did pass close enough to assess body composition revealing some healthy whales and at least 4 underweight whales with moderately visible weight loss. Some weight loss is expected at this point in the migration as the whales have not eaten since late October or November when the migration south typically starts but these whales had a later start to the migration this year and are appearing on time to head north which could mean they spent as much time feeding as possible before the migration started and were already underweight to start.

Rough surf pounding the tide line, eroding the sand and exposing rocks typically buried.

The sun set tonight behind the clouds in the western horizon lighting up cotton candy pink clouds to the south. One dolphin porpoised heading south and the splash was so big it looked like a whale breach! Temperature dropped to 58 degrees with 15 -17 mph wind gusts.

The last sighting was a pair that slowly made its way in the surf, stopping once to spyhop, likely a juvenile and adult.

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