Gray Day with No Gray Whales

0 Northbound 0 Southbound 1 unidentified whale 5 hours

Mostly cloudy, over cast gray day, SE offshore wind 7-8 mph blowing a balloon bouquet past the transect heading north (west). One unidentified whale was spotted along the horizon. Another single whale was spotted earlier in the day, traveled through quickly without stopping by a reliable eyewitness.*** The wind died down for a short while and it was so quiet, humming bird and pelican wings could be heard flapping as they passed over head . Eventually the wind picked back up bringing dark stormy clouds over the Santa Monica Mountains heading out to sea, accumulating at the horizon and passing overhead.

****To note: Thank you for all the sightings shared with me!!! This extra antidotal data collected from a variety of reliable sources help track the seasonal changes and daily pace of the gray whale migration which is of great value. The daily tallies posted are empirical and shared with the ACS-LA at the end of the season and during the migration with unusual sightings. Antidotal data will be posted at the end of the season once the empirical data is complete ( I am working through a huge back log). Please keep sharing! Your sightings and any details matter especially during the cow/calf portion of the migration with ongoing Unusual Mortality Event! Thank you caring about the Gray Whales and Please keep sharing!

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