10 Gray Whales March First

10 North Bound 0 South Bound 2 hrs

White caps 250 yards out to the hazy horizon with a high stratus layer, still whales were spotted. Wind 5-7mph and 67 degrees in late afternoon with less wind at sunset.

First sighting: a trio traveling yards apart passing Broad Beach area 3-4000 yards off shore heading towards the Channel Islands, same path as yesterday.

Second sighting was another trio, traveling yards apart, one kept going and two stayed close to shore with lots of direction changes, rolling, milling and head lifts, one was thin with sunken neck dips and visibly sunken spine.

JoJi the singer was making a music video with huge film crew and interesting props near the point.

The last sighting was another pair, they came in close and headed out passing the buoy as the sun set. No green flash.

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