Breaching Gray Whale at Point Dume

12 North Bound 0 South Bound 5.25 hrs

Warm sunny 86 degrees, Santa Anna 7-8 mph sustained wind with 10-12mph gusts. White caps south of Point Dume across the Santa Monica Bay. Flat, calm with slight ripples at Point Dume and sea spray along surf line from the warm Santa Anna winds. Occasional rough 3-5 ft waves crashing at the point and pinnacles.

First sighting, a pair of gray whales, one thin and one breached twice as they passed the little point 500 yds off shore. The pair stayed in the area interacting, rolling, fluke sand flippers up changing directions for over an hour as they slowly migrated north (west) 1000 yds off shore.

Rutin Long EZ flyby along the coast and low flyover military helicopter over Point Dume Natural Preserve.

Five gray whales migrating past Point Dume, pop corn blows seen on every surfacing, all the way along the transect and heading out towards the Channel Islands.

Last sighting, a single thin adult whale 100 yds outside surf line and slowly heading out deeper passing the little point at sunset.

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