6 Whales in Gusty 20+mph Winds

6 North Bound 0 South Bound 2 THIN 3.5 hours

Bright Sunny day with gusty winds 20+ mph. Rough choppy tide with white caps from the shore to the horizon. Lots of visitors to Point Dume Natural Preserve, hoping to see a whale, also saw the dangers and obstacles the whales face migrating north to Alaska and the Bering Sea. Thankfully in 2014, the City Council and Mayor of Malibu issued a Marine Life Proclamation :  To protect the rights of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) stating that they support the safe passage of cetaceans that pass along the local coast of Malibu;  encouraging citizens to be responsible and do everything in their power to protect them and preserve the ocean in which they live. It recognizes whales and dolphins as living cultural beings.

Baywatch Malibu and Lifeguard Specialists are extremely careful to protect the wildlife, training skills are practiced in rough ocean conditions thorough out the year. Today they picked up a lifeguard from Tower One who paddled out to the boat using his arms on the Lifeguards surf board. Meanwhile the first gray whale was sighted just under the bluff traveling close to shore, hugging the north side of Big Dume Cove. Sadly this was an emaciated sub adult whale. Thankfully, as expected, Baywatch Malibu, is aware of the gray whales migration path and went slowly, as this whale glided past, just under the surface not even coming up for air and turned out to deeper water after passing the boat.

Baywatch Malibu briefly stopped to pick up lifeguard at Tower One, which is favorite spot for the gray whales to stop and rest.
Visitors watching the Baywatch Malibu Boat carefully, navigate past a thin whale hugging the shore, gliding just under the suffice of clear water.

Emaciated Gray Whale seen here, hugging the shore, gliding just under the water as the Baywatch Malibu Boat was doing drills a few hundred yards north west at Tower One- directly in the whales path.

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