Hello Spyhopping Gray Whale


Today was cloudy and overcast with limited visibility and a heavy yellow hazy ozone layer at the horizon adding an ombre of colors looking towards the island  of Santa Barbara Island to the south west. The ocean water was flat as glass making it easy to see the whales crossing the Santa Monica Bay. Several of the gray whales stopped for few minutes today and  this active pair below spyhopped, rolled and glided their way across the survey area. Hundreds of Common dolphins came in 400 yards off shore which is very close and porpoised their way south and back around north again while hunting. The lemonberry shrubs are ready to bloom with pink buds that will turn into pink flowers then into the pale green velvety seed shape that can be eaten or added to water for a lemony taste.

17 Northbound  1 Southbound  0 EW      9 Hours 2018-03-07-two-graywhale-pt-dume-35697I0A35997I0A36122018-03-07-dolphins-pt-dume-36262018-03-07-lemon-berry-plant-2-pt-dume-3668

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