Blue Skies Gray Whales

After several days of choppy, rough white capped  water making it nearly impossible to spot gray whales let alone the blow spouts, today the sky was blue, the ocean was calmer, the hills and mountains along the PCH are alive and carpeted with lush bright green mixed with bursts of bright orange and yellow  wild sun flowers in full bloom.  At the ocean along the shore you can see from nearly any viewing site the gray whales are migrating in both directions,north and south. It was a busy day counting and observing with 90% visability mild temperature of 64 degrees and strong winds as the day went on. The whale behavior today was varied from the whale photographed above with its head and fluke both out of the water to the complete opposite back floaters with the tip of the chin sticking out and tips of pectoral fins sticking out. In the 5.2 hrs I observed a dozen gray whales, a few sightings were far out along the horizon and several closer to shore merged with north and south bounders making it a busy observation counting day.


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