Valentines Day 2014… 8 South 1 North

Warm sunny day in mid 80’s
Spotted one blow from the street parking and walked out to the observation deck in time to see this whale pass.

Hello you ;)
FIRST North bound Gray Whale in clear water

Helicopters (four in a row) sweep past the coast zig zagging alerting everyone to a spyhopping whale in the surf. Harbor seal today in the surf which is my first time spotting one in this area, yay! Several slow moving dolphins milled in the area for nearly an hour while a group of three whales stopped to play. Met a lovely woman who is a life coach visiting from out of state to take classes in Santa Monica.

strawberry full moon

Later looking  at the sunset in the west, what a surprise to see the FULL moon rise in the east! A spectacular strawberry PINK full moon! what a sweet Valentine’s Day treat for all the couples who were out enjoying the weather and views tonight.

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