Mom and Calf Gray Whale Parade Continues

12 North Bound 6 Calves

Two groups of four whales included two calves. The pairs traveled together slowly migrating north with lots of active behaviors and short direction changes. The calves spyhopped and interacted together with moms resting just below surface. One of the 8 whales were emaciated with protruding scapula and two deep cervical dips indicating loss of fat blubber layers. Still this mom kept up. In both large sightings the whales traveled in tight pairs .

At sunset another two pairs of cow/calves were spotted by popcorn blows! The four whales had quickly timed alternating blows that could be seen for miles in the late sun light.

Red algae blooms create a bioluminescence effect in the water which can be seen glowing blue under the right circumstances. Tonight it didn’t happen but it would be amazing to see the gray whales migrate through such an event.

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