Rain On and Off: Tornado Alert and Flood Warnings

0 North Bound 0 South Bound 4.75 hrs

Overcast with rain on and off most of the day with periods of sunshine for minutes changing to high gusty winds and dark stormy rain. Visibility was adequate for the time spent to observe whales despite the changing weather. Earlier one whale was spotted heading north 50 yards off shore by ****REW ( reliable eyewitness). No gray whales spotted during the 4.75 hrs I observed. Lighting and thunder could be seen and heard with the steady rain twenty minutes later over Santa Monica Mountains. Near white out driving conditions as storm cells collided and passed. Rain continued all night off and on with a tornado warning issued until 8:30pm. The American Cetacean Society- Los Angeles canceled the census due to extreme weather conditions!

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**** REW ( Reliable Eye Witness ) counts are not included in the daily or weekly tally, they are counted at the end of the season and kept separately as a record of the whales observed at Point Dume. The REW counts are extremely helpful and provide important data to keep track of the seasonal and daily changes of the migration. The total gray whale population has declined almost 40% due to the ongoing UME (Unusual Mortality Event) from 2019-202.

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