Three Gray Whales at Sunset

3 North 0 South 1.25 hours

Cold and brisk, 58 degrees with 20+mph winds. Rough choppy surf. A trio of gray whales split up into a pair as a solo gray whale traveled through, out to deeper water passing the point. The pair came in to the point displaying several low key whale behaviors which included several bubble blasts and footprints with a tiny mix of sharking and rolling. Several directions changing directions in the cove until finally one left and headed out to deeper water and the last one stayed close to shore, traveling just outside the surf line until Tower 2 and went out on its way north. One whale was thin with double dips at cervical (neck) area, seen as it was leaving in the photos below, its body had interesting contours. A dolphin popped up in the surf as the last whale was heading out and porpoised in the surf just once! The setting sun caused the sky to turn a shade of lavender and ended looking like pink and orange sherbet as it dipped below the hazy cloudy horizon.

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