Gray Whales,Dolphins,Planes, Birds & Boats Oh My!

26 Northbound 0 Southbound 6 hours 12 Sightings

95% Visibility with hazy horizon, clear view of all islands north and south with Gusty winds. A juvenile red tail hawk was flying low overhead just after the 1st sighting of the day which had an interesting identification mark on the right, distal dorsal hump area.2018-03-17-hawk-pt-dume-74562018-03-18-gray-whales-ID-pt-dume-7730

Dolphins interacted with a courting group 300 yards off shore with grebers nearby. Earlier a small pod headed southbound navigating through the obstacle path along the shore today.



Several helicopter flyovers today with varying degrees of noise levels and speed.


Close encounters with dolphins, swimmers and paddlers along the intersecting use lines.


One whale with identifying teeth rake marks on right side knuckle shows evidence of a possible orca interaction.2018-03-18-whale-scar-pt-dume-7497

Three boats traveling FAST  on the northern side of Santa Monica Bay outside the kelp beds, along the whale migration path route the mother and calfs whales often use.  Today’s sightings and observations traveled along paths further out as they headed into the point. 2018-03-18-boats-little-dume-cove-pt-dume-7599

Gray whale flukes as paddler follows close behind, stealthy low profile footprints  as it travels along the coast heading out north west to deeper water passing the buoy 400 yards out.


A pair of gray whales traveling closely heading north west on the northern migration to Alaska.


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