Rain or Shine: Gray Whale Migration and Mating


Today the RAIN came down in buckets alternating with continuous drizzle for several hours in 56 degrees weather before the sun came out mid day and ended the evening with more rain.  The early morning cloudy skies and   limited visibility didn’t stop the whales from migrating or stopping along the Malibu coast to spyhop and show their ventral throat grooves or mate in large and small groups today. At noon there was one group of 4 whales stampeding all in a row directly  into the cove to join a group of 3 already there!  Drone flyer and Malibu photographer Henry Hungerland captured respectful and responsible, mating behavior  late in the day. Henry has been observing and photographing  whales for over 10 years and has seen a few mating groups this year up to a mile out with his drone.

34 Northbound 0 Southbound 5.5 Hours

GRAPHIC WARNING!!!!!! Five Gray Whales Mating Courtesy of Henry Hungerland Photography Drone footage




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