17 Gray Whales on the Seventeenth of March

Migrating Gray Whale along California Coast 2017

After a long morning of heavy thick  fog and 5-10% visibility, the marine layer lifted just enough to see 17 whales pass along the coast in the afternoon.  At one point there was a total of 7 whales in 3 different groups  displaying nearly every whale behavior including, bubble blasts, spyhopping,  fluke swishing, rolling, pectoral fins, audible blows and  direction changes with mingling in different groups plus at times there was feeding behaviors with  watery sand spilling out of mouths. Towards late afternoon,in less than  25 yards of on shore visibilty , three scuba divers came out of the water   saying they had zero visibility under water and only saw the whales from the surface above water while under the fog layer themselves.

Scuba Divers in Heavy Marine Layer with Low Visibility

Scuba Diver

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