Traveling Through Cow/Calf Pair

Today there was only one sighting for me during the 4.25 hours I observed mid day but it was a GOOD sighting to be certain! A cow and calf pair  stopped briefly to flash us their flukes  in unison but it was so fast this photographer was only able to capture the calf fluke as it lingered a millisecond longer on the top of the water than its mothers.  It was a beautiful sight to see bits of both flukes out of the water and see the significant difference in size in person so I will work to get a better image to share the next time this behavior occurs. The cow of the pair had two very distinctive markings on her right side. Two large white patches near the dorsal hump and one just a bit more anterior or towards the head, as can be seen in the image with the whale coming towards us. The pair didn’t linger long and traveled through quickly showing us a glimpse of the dorsal hump mark as she traveled out of sight with longer dives as they went.

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