Rainy Day Shut Out

Low visibility made it difficult to spot gray whales migrating south today. There were surfers, swimmers, sea lions, one willet shore bird and several dog walkers as well the regular sea gulls making the 2.5hrs I watched enjoyable non the less.  At sunset the clouds broke up just enough to brighten up the sky drizzly rain was still falling , not quite a sun shower but a glowing drizzle. 

Dolphin Day or Surfer Day

Surf was up just after noon today and was up pretty much until the sunless sunset on this cloudy over cast day. It was definitely a dolphin day today instead of ground hog day. These dolphins were not seeing shadows as they frolicked in the surf swimming side by side with the surfers. There were several  different groups of surfers and dolphins throughout the day but the beautiful mint blue water was consistwent. A flock of sandpipers watched the action along with a blue eyed stately brown pelican in full breeding plumage . There were three gray whale sightings today. The first was low profile in the surf line. The second was a duo traveling close together approximately 150 yards out and traveled past the growing kelp pad near the point. The last sighting was just after sunset again near the surf line with a group of slow moving dolphins and the last few surfers.


Dolphin Day 2017












Patience is a lesson learned and practiced while studying and observing gray whales. Today was no exception. Thankfully it paid off with one small blow followed by one large dorsal hump after 3hrs.  A large group of students ages 18-25 from the Dream Center worked on building trust through leadership training.

After the Storm…

A beautiful rainbow popped up for seconds this morning in between several rounds of heavy rain. At the ocean rough waves, high winds and white  caps made it difficult to spot and track the two single whales seen today. Also seen were one hawk,two slow moving cargo ships, two small groups of dolphins in the surf line one para surfer and a handful of beach walkers. The sun set with a green flash leaving glowing clouds along the horizon. 

Here Comes The Storm

An ominous sky,chilly strong winds, a debris covered high tide line along with rough surf set made whale spotting nearly impossible. One blow was seen in the 3hrs I observed. There were many shore birds, one hawk, one cargo ship and several beach walkers and fellow photographers out enjoying the buildup to the looming storm that finally hit closer to midnight. Spyhoplane.com

Two Gray Whales

Two gray whales were spotted today in 2.5hrs. The first whale was spotted by the point heading south past  Pirates Cove and the second gray whale was spotted 200yds off shore near tower 2 life guard stand.  Both whales had visible blows and showed pectoral fins and flukes as they quickly traveled through separately. The strong surf changed the sand bar overnight taking away several feet of sand exposing huge boulders today. At sunset  pelicans and a small pod of 5-6 dolphins hunted in the pounding high surf. 

Hello Gray Whale!!!

One gray whale popped up and slowly made its way quietly with no visible blows on its way south. This was my first up close sighting of 2017! A fellow whale watcher witnessed the same whale while holding his beloved “Lemuiran” quartz crystals,mindfully sending all his best intentions out to the whales on their journey south for a safe return north in a few months. 

To Those Whom Dream

Rat tat tat of my heart…after 3.5 hours, one gray whale migrating south along the horizon as the sun was setting! Handful of dolphins, pair of harbor seals, one kestrel, dozens of sea gulls, rock climbers,beach walkers and waders all out enjoying this 74 degree windy afternoon. Low tide at 4:58pm.