Hello Spyhopping Gray Whale


Today was cloudy and overcast with limited visibility and a heavy yellow hazy ozone layer at the horizon adding an ombre of colors looking towards the island  of Santa Barbara Island to the south west. The ocean water was flat as glass making it easy to see the whales crossing the Santa Monica Bay. Several of the gray whales stopped for few minutes today and  this active pair below spyhopped, rolled and glided their way across the survey area. Hundreds of Common dolphins came in 400 yards off shore which is very close and porpoised their way south and back around north again while hunting. The lemonberry shrubs are ready to bloom with pink buds that will turn into pink flowers then into the pale green velvety seed shape that can be eaten or added to water for a lemony taste.

17 Northbound  1 Southbound  0 EW      9 Hours 2018-03-07-two-graywhale-pt-dume-35697I0A35997I0A36122018-03-07-dolphins-pt-dume-36262018-03-07-lemon-berry-plant-2-pt-dume-3668

Pod of SIX Gray Whales Migrating North to Alaska


Several large pods of dolphins and whales migrated north today. Reliable eyewitnesses also observed whales in larger pods today. One of whom was a  a wonderful drone pilot, Justin Lamar who shared his drone footage of a pod of SIX gray whales that were traveling North to Alaska. His drone flying skills are technically brilliant, able to navigate a mile or more offshore with ease, his love for  the gray whales is evident in this beautiful cinematic footage.

12 Northbound Gray Whales   0  Southbound      15 (2)EW      2.5 Hours

Justin from JayXLamar Cinematographer

Gray Whales with Views of Snow Covered Mountains

Today was cold in the 50’s with brisk wind with sunny skies and snow topped dusted mountains were in view as 12 whales crossed the Santa Monica Bay, some traveling quickly and others taking their time migrating at their own pace.  One pair crossed the bay and in tandem fluked to avoid hitting red floating debris at the surface. While one whale was tracked only by the large footprints left as it made its way north.

12 Northbound 1 Southbound 0 REW 4 hours


Two gray whales crossing the Santa Monica Bay with the LA County skyline as a backdrop. LAX tower can be seen to the left and center Dockweiler State Beach, followed by El Segundo and Manhattan Beach to the right.


View of the San Gabrielle Moutain top coverd with a dusting of snow from the last couple days rain and the Santa Monica City Skyline to the right in the photo.2018-03-04-snow-view-kanan-pt-dume-3309

Another view of the snow dusted San Gabrielle Mountains and the Santa Monica Mountain Range. 2018-03-05-whale-footprints-pt-dume-3347

Footprints of a single stealth or low profile whale traveling north bound on the migration to Alaska along the California Coast.

March Fourth Gray Whales!


Two Gray Whales traveling north bound above and three whales in a tight group below all traveling north with the one in the center showing its fluke as it sounds or goes for a deep dive.


On March Fourth! The sky and water were so clear today you could see 8 cargo ships from miles away as well as all of the local Channel Islands including Catalina to the south, Santa Barbara Island to the west, Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands to the north. The whales were busy traveling north fast in groups of 2-3. There was a photographer in a helicopter and an all around good day!

17 Northbound Whales 0 Southbound Whales in  6 hours

Counting Gray Whales after the Rain

Rain on and off  all morning didn’t keep this observer away from counting the gray whales on their migration north in the afternoon. The clouds to the east were billowy and one was heart shaped while the clouds to the west appeared stormy until the sun dropped below and the colors were spectacular at sunset. The  2 sightings had single whales traveling far out and fast as they fluked on their way through the point and out to the Channel Islands.

2 Northbound Whales 0 Southbound 1 REW  2.5 hours


Heart Shaped Clouds to the east.2018-03-03-stormy-clouds-at-sunset-pt-dume-3078

Stormy clouds to the west.2018-03-03-sunset-pt-dume-3088

Beautiful colors as the sun dropped below the clouds just before and at sunset. 2018-03-03-stormy-clouds-at-sunset-pt-dume-3100

Gray Whales Migrate Rain or Shine



Today there was RAIN on and off all morning into the afternoon! It was COLD  and cloudy at 50 degrees with just 10% visibility at noon finally getting to 100% visibility by late afternoon and the sun came out to end the day with lavender clouds at sunset. Also spotted 2.5 miles out were 2 humpback whales traveling southbound.

7 Northbound Whales 0 Southbound 2 Humpback whales


Pelicans, Starfish and Two Gray Whales


2 Northbound Gray Whales 0 Southbound (3.75 hrs)

Pelicans in full breeding colors gathered at the Little Point today taking turns hunting for fish and mates. The low tide revealed starfish not normal seen and very much welcomed.  The cool 60 degree windy weather was more tolerable finally spotting one whale  heading towards Anacapa Island after 3 hours and a second whale a few min later closer to shore.


Gray Whales Traveling North/South in Pairs/Trios and The SpaceX Falcon 9 PAZ Launch Seen at Dawn


Early morning launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 PAZ Mission seen along the coast as the Gray Whales continue their migration north to Alaska and south to the lagoons in Mexico.

2018-02-22-ID mark-gray-whale-pt-dume-221810 Northbound 3 Southbound Whales Today  7 hours 

The 1st sighting included an interesting identification mark on the right dorsal hump of one whale in a group of three traveling north bound low profile.  Sighting #6  traveled north slowly for over an hour,  also group of three whales interacting, feeding, back floating and gliding thru the waves.


North and South bound migration Continues

Gray Whales continue to be seen in Pt. Dume on both the northern and southern migratory route. Today’s clear skies and near 100% visibility made it easy to spot whales up to 2.5 -3 miles off shore. The clear, calm water made it easy to identify distinctive feeding behavior along the shore. Dolphins interacted with whales going in both directions across the viewing area at all distances while pelicans in full breeding color were seen diving and hunting in the surf. One local swimmer was seen observing one whale from safe distance of 50 yards (150 ft).