Favorite Places

During my research and outings I have come across several favorite places that I would like to share with my readers.

Conejo Valley, Malibu , Agoura, Calabasas ___________________________________________

Sunlife Organic  (Malibu, Thousand Oaks ,Calabasas ) …. AMAZING fresh organic smoothies and juices,PLUS organic raw salads, vegan grilled items, raw, vegan snacks and organ whey or vegan protein powders available for purchase

****my personal favorite drink is the Wolverine made with dates, coconut butter and cacao beans ______________________________________________

Vintage Grocery Store  (just North of Zuma Beach on PCH Malibu)

Great place to pick up organic picnic items like local hard to find fruits or veggies to bottled water from all over the world to high end wines, cheeses and crackers to organic bulk nuts and chocolates to store made desserts or choose from a variety of hand carved meat  sandwiches as well as traditional options  or make your own salad from the hot and cold food buffet. Several  hot soups daily  from basics like organic chicken noodle to creamy chicken pablano or vegetarian bean chili.

***My favorite is the KOMBUCHA on tap from several local fermenters. __________________________________________________

The OLD PLACE  ( off Kanan Rd Agroura ) call for reservations for 4 or more at this one of a kind rustic restaurant. A long time favorite of locals  for good reason- it is small and cozy with fresh grilled meats and local veggies, many entrees and desserts are served in cast iron pans

****My personal favorite is the Oak Grilled Vegetable Salad with grilled chicken added, the dressing compliments the smoky grilled flavors perfectly. _________________________________________________

Popped Fresh Popcorn  (top of Kanan Rd off the south bound 101)  the popcorn is NON-GMO and cooked in coconut oil which make this great for snacking or gift giving. Many flavors options with sweet and salty combos like salted carmel with cheddar cheese. All flavors are from fresh real ingredients not artificial flavors or powered flavors.

*****My personal favorite is the  LA mix of  caramel, cheddar cheese and buttery plain. ________________________________________________

The Rabbit Hole Cafe ( on Thousand Oaks Blvd south of Lindero Cyn)

Organic fresh locally sourced and hand crafted cafe that serves a variety of organic vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes in unique interesting flavorful ways.

****My personal favorites is the  Rabbit Hole Bowl  A  bowl of quinoa brown rice layered with grilled sweet potatoes and carmelized onions, topped with crispy fried kale and a peanut, ginger lemon dressing. ____________________________________________

The Sunset Restaurant  ( 6800 Westward Beach Road in Malibu)

Enjoy fabulous view of the daily sunset while indulging in fresh classic California cuisine. Inventive fresh salads,appetizers and entrees  with a great $5 Happy Hour menu as well.

***my favorite is the ARUGULA & PESTO FLATBREAD


Ollie’s Duck&Dive   29169 Heathercliff Road, Suite 102

Inventive Farm fresh locally sourced seasonally available menu items and uncaged free to roam protein sources. They will cater to  food allergies when possible and serve reasonable portions not over super sized versions which is both responsible and respectful for our health and the planet. Great $5 Happy Hour drinks and small plate choices.

****my favorite is the Kale Berry Salad



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