Humpbacks, Gray Whales and By-the-wind Sailors

2 North Bound 0 South Bound 3 Humpbacks 8.5 hrs

Sunny, Windy, 55 degrees

A single whale migrated through with long dive times, surfaced briefly exposing its sunken concave spine indicating it was underweight.

Another gray whale migrated past quickly without coming close to shore.

A trio of humpbacks traveled through south bound from the Santa Monica Bay two miles offshore reportedly seen early to mid morning and observed heading back North / NorthWest mid afternoon.

At 5:30 pm thousands of velella velella or by-the-wind sailors started to wash ashore with the tide. These bright blue jellyfish like organisms are Hydrozoans (Cnidarians) which live at the surface of the open ocean, feeding on plankton or small prey. Their movements are directed by the wind. A thin sail on top propels and a blue underside with tentacles is used to sting small prey with nematocyst toxin which isn’t dangerous to humans but some individuals may have reactions such as itching and it is recommended to wash hands or any body part that come in contact.

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