Counting Gray Whales after the Rain

Rain on and off  all morning didn’t keep this observer away from counting the gray whales on their migration north in the afternoon. The clouds to the east were billowy and one was heart shaped while the clouds to the west appeared stormy until the sun dropped below and the colors were spectacular at sunset. The  2 sightings had single whales traveling far out and fast as they fluked on their way through the point and out to the Channel Islands.

2 Northbound Whales 0 Southbound 1 REW  2.5 hours


Heart Shaped Clouds to the east.2018-03-03-stormy-clouds-at-sunset-pt-dume-3078

Stormy clouds to the west.2018-03-03-sunset-pt-dume-3088

Beautiful colors as the sun dropped below the clouds just before and at sunset. 2018-03-03-stormy-clouds-at-sunset-pt-dume-3100

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