Dolphin Day or Surfer Day

Surf was up just after noon today and was up pretty much until the sunless sunset on this cloudy over cast day. It was definitely a dolphin day today instead of ground hog day. These dolphins were not seeing shadows as they frolicked in the surf swimming side by side with the surfers. There were several  different groups of surfers and dolphins throughout the day but the beautiful mint blue water was consistwent. A flock of sandpipers watched the action along with a blue eyed stately brown pelican in full breeding plumage . There were three gray whale sightings today. The first was low profile in the surf line. The second was a duo traveling close together approximately 150 yards out and traveled past the growing kelp pad near the point. The last sighting was just after sunset again near the surf line with a group of slow moving dolphins and the last few surfers.


Dolphin Day 2017











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